Studio Tsubaki Update 3/17/18

Update 3/17/18

Outside of some light posting on instagram, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the overall progress of my work. Unfortunately the site hasn’t really been updated in quite a while. Like other devs, balancing a full time day job, Game development, and whatever life throws out has been a huge challenge of mine. If I could focus full time on my work without having to worry about paying all the bills, I would. Why not go Patreon then? Well while that would be nice and I would be grateful, I worry that I won’t have time to be able to keep up with updates, content, ect to justify the donations. Untill I reach a decent amount of people and can keep a good schedule of content going, Patreon will have to wait.

Project Lunch is about 85% done. For those of you that don’t know, Project Lunch is a new mobile game set to release on Android and iOS devices about a girl who can see monsters and jump on them! The project encapsulates everything I learned from development of Samurai Ball, Motivate Me Aika, and Avoid Bugs. I was hoping to have it released back in January of this year however, with the mandatory overtime at work that lasted all the way to March, that wasn’t the case.

Console level game development, specifically on the Nintendo Switch, has been on pause for a while. My next mobile projects are much smaller scoped and will allow me to focus on finishing a more polished rapid prototype for Project Hex. Once that’s done, getting a dev kit would be the next step and we can move on from there.

Outside of that, where I currently am in the world has been kind of a letdown. The overall environment I’m in is filled with people who think backwards rather than being more progressive minded. While there are some game dev related meet ups, they are pretty far from where I’m at. I want to be with more like minded positive people, therefore I’m thinking of making a big move soon. I am worried that this move would greatly interfere with my game development though. We’ll see what happens soon enough.

Finishing my projects is what I want to do now, so focusing on Project Lunch’s completion is the goal. I’ve updated the game page with more content. I also did some background website updates for better stability.

Well that’s it for the update. To stay in touch you can follow me on @twitter, @Instagram, and @Facebook!

Keep moving forward!