Starfox Team by ~TsubakiMH on deviantART [gigya src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”450″ flashvars=”id=379484308&width=1337″ height=”473″ allowscriptaccess=”always”] Here’s another piece I did. The model was done way back in 2011 and like the Kirby one, I never really did anything with it. I designed it looking at the Starfox 64 and Assualt Rwing models and it came out as my own. I tweaked it recently and made it look presentable. The background is an HDRI map my professor had given me. I also used an already made texture for the base of the ship and eddied and added thick lines, blue color, and the Star Fox ship logo. Gave it a bump map to make it stand out. Maybe ill do an animation one of these days.