The new update I’ve been working on is now live. Though it may take some time for changes to be effected in Google play. Here’s the patch notes…


Aika is now no longer a red cube! Shes a fully fleshout sprite with animations.

Almost all the balls except the giant green ball are now 2d spirtes.

-This helps visually match Aika as she to is a 2D sprite.

Theres light emiting from Aika making it easier to see her and where she is.

Lighting and walls have been adjusted accross all levels.

Overall gameplay performance has increased.

Analog controls have been optimized for slightly faster movement.

A few changes to the rule. There is no longer loss of score for any ball missed. However, your score multiplier goes back down if you miss (except the light blue bonus balls). This greatly makes the game much more enjoyable, easier to play, and encourages replayablity for the high score.

Scores to clear each level have been adjusted based on the above change.

An issue with the score multiplier found on the top left durring gameplay has been fixed an now works properly.

An ending has now been added after players clear the 4th stage.

Main Menu

The Natsuko logo screen will appear for 1 second instead of 3 to get players in the game quickly.

Previously players could accidently touch a main menu button durring the intro cutscene. This problem has been fixed so that will not occur.

Text in the intro will now appear centered making it a bit easier to read.

The main menu has been reorganized.

New Twiiter button that links to the Natsuko twitter account is now on the main menu.

Credits have been updated to be easier to read.

A page to the producers blog is now on the main menu.

New how to play button on main menu.

-How to play section will gives you a quick grasp of how to play Samurai Ball

Ad’s now appear on the bottom left.

Stage Select

Text and font has been adjusted for the level select menu.

Total objects launched into the sky will now be displayed on the bottom right corner of this menu instead of durring game play.

Stage 3

Fixed issue with the rain. Rain now falls for a longer period of time with less rainfall for fair visability.

Swarm Connect

Fixed issue where the players score was being submited twice. Now the score will be submited only once after a stage is complete.

Known Issues

Aika will fail to do her hit animation at times depending on the position of the analog stick. Right now we have her attack animation disabled. Were still looking into this.

The sound when Aika hits the ball may not play the first time but will play the second time around.

Swarm Connect has updated their SDK. Were trying to work with them to see how we can implement these improvements properly.

Last but not least…

Samurai Ball is now FREE

We only ask that you continue to support and share/tell others so that more and more people get the chance to play and give us feedback.

The origonal free version of samurai ball will no longer be supported/available. We ask those that have downloaded the free version to please go ahead an upgrade to the full version at no additional cost.

For those of you who have purchased the Full game in the past, we greatly thank you for your support.

Thank you and enjoy 😀