ProjectB After looking at the feedback I got from some people, I’m working on 2 updates for the game. First one (Version 1.1)  is done right now waiting for review in app store and should be up on google play. Update notes for Avoid Bugs! 1.1 can be found here! Now as for Avoid Bugs! 1.2, you can expect some sort of game play enhancement with this update as well as other fixes and small additions. I’m very surprise how long some players last playing the game. I can only make it to 2 an a half minutes or so myself. It’s nice that people are finding techniques and ways to increase their time. : ) -TsubakiMH

Avoid Bugs 1.1

-Main Menu-

-The “i” button on the top right now links to the official avoid bugs site “”.

-The Facebook and Twitter buttons now can open Facebook and twitter apps and send you to the Natsuko page.

-Tumblr and Pinterest social buttons have been added.


-Bugs will spawn at a different rate after 5 min.

-The “Touch ground” UI should now be displayed correctly through any screen resolution.

-The “Time” and “Best” text received a visual improvement.

-Players will notice their high scores now save even after closing the game. (No longer will the player have to submit their best score on to the leader boards in order to save it).

-Players high score now submits to the leader boards automatically after the game is over (player no longer would have to hit the Rank button to submit their score).

-When a player beats their high score the text “New” (along with a animation) will appear next to “Best” letting the player know that they surpassed their old score.

Players can now go back to the title screen by pressing the “Back” button after the game is over.


-Due to some players reaching over 5 min. I’m adding more achievements! Get playing and check it out!

Avoid Bugs is available to play on both Google Play and the App Store!