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First off, now that e3 is over, I have a couple of things to talk about. First a little history. I started a dev group named “Natsuko” back in 2012. This group was formed with a few classmates of mine as some of us graduated or were about to in an effort to create something out of what we learned. That project was Samurai Ball. Which did terrible but I’m still proud of what we accomplished. Not long after the release of the game majority of the group disbanded for various reasons and I went alone to focus on continuing. This is part of why you see TsubakiMH in some of the credits.  To this day to avoid any confusion I often credit Natsuko/TsubakiMH. 2015 Started off a lot slower then I wanted it to be. Avoid Bugs! 1.2 being the only thing out this year.  Frankly I would have liked to have 2 projects finished by now but with work and life issues it becomes more challenging to juggle tasks. Were already halfway through the year and I feel terrible for not being able to show off more content and give updates. I didn’t intend this site to be mostly just for Nintendo video posting. So with that said, I’m going to work harder to not only schedule my game dev work better but give my own games and projects more exposure. To start th Tsubakimh site is going to go through a change. I’m going to give this website a major update soon as well as expand socially. Here’s the features I’m aiming at achieving. -Having a more active comment system with more engaged users. -Having thought of the day posts, this can be literally about anything game or dev related. -Pushing social networking. (Pushing our facebook, twitter, and tumblr more) We use to have a avoid bugs pinterest where ill be checking on occasion but will not update -Pushing the you tube channel to 1 or 2 vids a month (1 every 2 weeks or more depending on content) When more content is made more uploads will happen. My you tube is -Screenshot of the week  (Shows a screenshot of an upcoming game or released game and discuss about it) -Listener questions – Answering any gathered questions on a weekly basis. And more. I’ve already started the initial steps for this change and I look forward to bringing you all more news related to my projects soon. Thank You for your support! -TsubakiMH