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So here is the official announcement "Motivate Me Aika" the "game" I have up on the google play store is getting an substantial update. The reason I have the word "game" in quotes is that I keep calling it a game when in reality it functions more like an app. Currently Aika spoke in Japanese with English subs on the bottom. You can view the time and date and here her say 20 different things when you tap her. I've gotten critiques where people complained about lack of polish subs or any other language in general. I admit my translating of Japanese to English wasn't the best ever. There for I wasn't going to go chopping translations for every language in the world.

With 1.1 expect to see improved voice over work in English and removal of subs. Voice over work will be provided by Raspdere!


She is amazingly talented and awesome person please check her out!

Next, you'll see new unlock-able phrases for Aika to say. The more you let Aika talk, the more you unlock!

I'm aiming for two things. First, for this app to be a hub to share more games made by TsubakiMH and other partnered developers. Second to port this app to on a wide variety of mobile devices. Stay tuned for more details.