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Ok so what is Natsuko? Natsuko is a dev group created by TsubakiMH to develop unique game content for mobile devices, increase our knowledge of over all game design, and strengthen our portfolios. How many are in Natsuko? Were a very, very small team. Whats taking so long for the next game to come out?  Like stated above, were a very small group with our own personal jobs and life issues. Game design takes time and money. Why not quit work and start a Kick Starter to help ?  Kickstarter is a great way to help make a project happen but if we do start one we do not want to completely rely on it to keep us fed. We work outside of our own independent game development to help pay the bills and can’t sacrifice those jobs. I have a game idea for mobile platform and am in need of a developer. It’s great that you come up with cool ideas! Contact us and give us more information. If it sounds like a project we can do we’ll send you a quote and we can go from there. I’m developing a game of my own and need outside help, can you guys aid me? We’d love to give advice or critique for free. If your starting a kick starter and need developers let us know! We can help! I’d like to help support Natsuko, how do i go about doing that? We have a support page with different ways you can help us out! Check it out! I have a critique about a game you developed, who do i email? You can reach us at our about page! Does Natsuko have a facebook or twitter? We do! and

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