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I'm hooked on Nintendo's first mobile game release, Miitomo. Me and 3 million others are loving this "Tomodachi Life" like experience. Want to add me as a friend? Just scan the QR code below! Note: My Mii is not a representation of what I actually look like. She is part of the Studio Tsubaki universe so to speak. In other words, I'm a guy. However her answers are my own : )



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I know I haven’t posted much of anything recently. If you got any updates of me it would usually be of what you tube video I liked next. Truth is that 2016 has started off a bit rough for me.

So let’s see here late last year I moved from my apartment to a good friend’s house in the area with the plan to rent a room close by. I had made several arrangements and visited several expensive and slightly less expensive rooms in the area. I had only intended to stay at my friend’s place for a day or 3 but the person renting out the room I chose told me the roommate would be staying till February. I had a plan B room ready but then that person later fished for excuses like being afraid that his roommates “didn’t like my car” and couldn’t believe I had the money to pay his rent. I had other rooms planned but those didn’t work out either and I ended up staying at my friends till late January.

It was then that I had to make a bigger move. I needed to get out of the area I lived in for most of my life. The job market there was terrible and I didn’t want to be stuck doing the same job for a 3rd year. So I moved about 4 hours north to stay at another friends place. This marked the 8th time I moved since 2012.

So that’s where I’m at now and I have been trying to find a job. Now I’m set to move again before May 1st as that’s when I’ll get the boot since they’re bringing family over and there won’t be enough space to accommodate me. Whether or not I find a job in time here is crucial to whether I stay in this state or not. If I can’t I’ll be forced to move in with my father up north and have to try to find work up there.

So now what progress have I done on my game development? Well so far I chipped a bit off the Wii U project but that’s about it.
Project Lunch’s status is still the same. I’ve got to work on more animations, game play modifications/enhancements, and art/sound/voiceover.
I’ll try to keep posting more and keep you all updated on the latest from Studio Tsubaki!

Thank You!



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Studio Tsubaki's TsubakiMH is now open for freelance work in indie mobile game testing! Details as follows...

Basic gig for 5 dollars. (Average 3 days delivery)

  • This includes general quick runs of your app on a low end device.
  • Basic report of any problems, where I found them, and how to recreate them.
  • Basic Suggestions to improve user experience.
  • Free Positive 5 star review.

$10 1 Day Delivery (Note only if its basic gig)

Full QA  +$15 +4days

  • I give your app a crash course of day to day testing and usage.
  • Will do everything in my power to try to crash break your game or app.
  • Detailed scene to scene report of any problems, where I found them, how to recreate them.
  • Detailed suggestions to improve user experiences base on any issues I may find.
  • Free Positive 5 star review.

$5 Retest your Game or App after you’ve finished you’re updates.

Check out the link here for more details!


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So it looks like apple finally approved my application an now for the first time ever "Motivate me Aika" is available on itunes! What is MMA? Well it's about life advice! Aika Mizuwari is out to help motivate the people around her and your included! Just tap on her and she says things! Simple right? You can download it here!

Earlier we talked about what the newest version of the game includes. Have any comments, critiques, or recommendations? Let me know on facebook, twitter, or tumblr!

As always, thanks for the support!



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Today the pokemon company announced a new game "Pokemon Go" for Nin..Smartphones! Niantic Labs is working on the project along with Nintendo. 



I feel like those that wanted an MMO Pokemon Game kind of got what they wanted. This technically can be considered MMIRL? One thing to note is that this is not Nintendo and DENA's partnership title. Also the late, Satoru Iwata was also involved with this project.

Seems like they've also announce a wearable, "Pokemon Go Plus", which adds real time vibration and led notification to the game.


This came out of nowhere and I'm excited to see Niantic Labs and Nintendo seemingly breaking the trend we've been seeing in mobile game development with their first smartphone announced game. 


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I've submitted the app over to Google today! Now it's available to download on the Google Play Store! For those that don't know, "Motivate Me Aika" is an app where you tap on Aika Mizuwari and she gives you life advice! This update enhances quality, presentation, and improvements. But what about if I have an iphone? Well no worries, It'll be coming to all iOS platforms soon! Let me know what you like and don't like about Motivate Me Aika to help make the app even better!