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I know I haven’t posted much of anything recently. If you got any updates of me it would usually be of what you tube video I liked next. Truth is that 2016 has started off a bit rough for me.

So let’s see here late last year I moved from my apartment to a good friend’s house in the area with the plan to rent a room close by. I had made several arrangements and visited several expensive and slightly less expensive rooms in the area. I had only intended to stay at my friend’s place for a day or 3 but the person renting out the room I chose told me the roommate would be staying till February. I had a plan B room ready but then that person later fished for excuses like being afraid that his roommates “didn’t like my car” and couldn’t believe I had the money to pay his rent. I had other rooms planned but those didn’t work out either and I ended up staying at my friends till late January.

It was then that I had to make a bigger move. I needed to get out of the area I lived in for most of my life. The job market there was terrible and I didn’t want to be stuck doing the same job for a 3rd year. So I moved about 4 hours north to stay at another friends place. This marked the 8th time I moved since 2012.

So that’s where I’m at now and I have been trying to find a job. Now I’m set to move again before May 1st as that’s when I’ll get the boot since they’re bringing family over and there won’t be enough space to accommodate me. Whether or not I find a job in time here is crucial to whether I stay in this state or not. If I can’t I’ll be forced to move in with my father up north and have to try to find work up there.

So now what progress have I done on my game development? Well so far I chipped a bit off the Wii U project but that’s about it.
Project Lunch’s status is still the same. I’ve got to work on more animations, game play modifications/enhancements, and art/sound/voiceover.
I’ll try to keep posting more and keep you all updated on the latest from Studio Tsubaki!

Thank You!



Android, Natsuko, News, Samurai Ball, StudioTsu

As some of you know, Samurai Ball was my very first game project. Me an several classmates at the time wanted to work together to bring what we learned to the table and make a game. For the most part we manage to finish it by the end of 2012. Was it a success? Not even close. But I learned a lot from the project and it helped made me a better developer.


Samurai Ball version 1.1, Aika was just a red box.




From a game play perspective Samurai Ball has weird controls to it. We chose to use 3rd party asset for a on screen joystick that you use to make Aika move left and right. Aika's movement speed is very twitchy and takes some getting use to. The main purpose of the game is to hit back all the falling balls and get the highest score possible before the time runs out. This idea is a bit flawed however as there is little to no way to extend the time and the player will reach a certain point where they can't beat their own score. Despite the flawed game play and the little success, "Samurai Ball" is a series I want to continue.





Current Version 2.1, Aika is no longer a box and the balls are now 2D.



Before it continues, I want to fix the flaws of the original game. However, a simple update wont be enough. It would be better to rebuild the game from the ground up using new art assets, music, and improved game play mechanics. I have some ideas down the pipeline already on how to tackle this.

So does this mean that I'm announcing a remake of Samurai Ball? Not really. I've got other projects that take priority. But Aika Mizuwari's story is far from finished.

Want to see what I mean? Check out my first launched game "Samurai Ball" on Google Play.


As you can see, I’ve updated the site with a slightly a new look! Originally I felt that the site was a bit convoluted with to many links going everywhere. I decided to give it a new theme with a much cleaner look. The song of the week videos are gone (I’ve barley updated them any way) and other links like recent posts have been moved. The top menu links have been reduced to just the essentials. New social buttons are on the side after the facebook and twitter box. I plan to do more updates for the site going forward but I think its pretty good so far.

It’s been a while since i made a personal post or any update about what I’ve been doing lately so lets get down to it. Right now I’m about 95% done with “project B”. It will be done and submitted this month (August). It should have been finished weeks ago but I wanted to add a few features late in development. Unlike when Samurai Ball first released, I’m making sure this game is a lot more polished. My mistake with Samurai Ball was that I made a deadline and rushed the game rather then just delay it. I’m way behind on my own goals of finishing my projects. I wanted Project Ghost and the updates to both Motivate Me Aika and Samurai Ball to be done by now. As soon as I release “Project B” then I’ll push for the other projects completion in due time. I’ve also been slow updating this site as well as posting artwork and I apologize if you were looking forward for more news on my current events. My main rant lately is that my job gets in the way a lot. Every week is a different schedule and, because its retail, its been hectic on my level of stress. I’m constantly looking for better work more suited for what I’ve studied around most of my life, Computers. If I can find a Job with a stable schedule and better use of my knowledge, it would be a lot easier on my own personal developments. That’s life I guess. In other news, I submitted an application to Nintendo for development for the Wii U eshop a long while back. Have yet to hear back from them but I read that it takes a while for them to respond. What does this mean? I’m looking to make games for Wii U of course. That doesn’t mean that I’ll simply be porting my mobile stuff over. I’m smart enough to know that content is king. I’ve got ideas on what I’m going to be making for the console that are much bigger then what I would do for a mobile game. It’s just a matter of getting approved, started, and raising enough money. I’m also interested in development for the Sega Dreamcast as well but we’ll take it one step at a time lol. I’ll keep updating with more info when the time comes. -TsubakiMH