Published by - Studio Tsubaki - Gamil Texidor

Genre - Anime / Arcade / Casual 

Platforms - Android / iOS

Release Date - 12/21/18

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When you take a girl who loves food,  a guy working at a food stall near school, and the monsters who get in between them. Project Lunch! 

Play as Ryori Taiyaki, a kuudere who has the ability to see monsters called "Ira". Jump on the monsters, collect lunch money, and reach the high score!  

Special Thanks!

Austin The Eggbuster







Using lunch money, the store allows you to unlock Double Jump or start with a Shield and more!


Unlock story in the game with in game currency (aka, Lunch Money)! Find out what's in the Chefs head during all this with his notes!


Both Google Play and Game Center are available! Can you get them all?! -Bugs! Of Course. How long can you last?


Both Game Center and Google Play Leader-boards are available! Are you up there with the best?