Project Lunch

Mobile Game

When you take a girl who loves food,  a guy working at a food stall near school, and the monsters who get in between them. Project Lunch! 

Play as Ryori Taiyaki, a kuudere who has the ability to see monsters called "Ira". Jump on the monsters, collect lunch money, and reach the high score!  

Store! -Using lunch money, the store allows you to unlock Double Jump or start with a Shield and more!
Story! - Unlock story in the game with in game currency (aka, Lunch Money)! Find out what's in the Chefs head during all this with his notes!
Achievements! - Both Google Play and Game Center are available! Can you get them all?! -Bugs! Of Course. How long can you last?
Leaderboard! - Both Game Center and Google Play Leader-boards are available! Are you up there with the best?


Special Thanks!

Austin The Eggbuster



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Published By:

Studio Tsubaki / Gamil Texidor


Anime / Arcade / Casual



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