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Samurai Ball! Studio Tsubaki's first ever video game back when Studio Tsubaki was known as Natsuko! 
I'm considering this a legacy game, as such, there is no further updates or support.

Samurai Ball is a game available on the Google Play Store! You can download it and play for free!

Play Samurai Ball for free!


Every 3 years balls start raining down from the sky. In a local town, its believed that by hitting the balls back to the heavens, the crops would grow well during the seasons ahead. So the people choose one qualified Samurai as part of their ritual. This Year they have chosen Aika.


First name: Aika

Last name: Mizuwari

Age: 17

Born and raised in a local village, Aika grew with a strong sense to protect and help people. She can be a bit clumsy at times but will always try her best to motivate and assist her community. During her free time she likes hanging out with friends and eating food.

-How to Play-

  • Touch the screen anywhere to use the virtual analog stick.
  • Move stick left and right to move Aika!
  • Guide Aika toward a falling ball to hit it back into the sky!
  • The more you hit back up, the higher your score goes! Aim to get the high score before time runs out!
  • Levels Unclock as you beat the set scores! There are 4 in total!

-Swarm Connect-

With a Swarm Connect account, you can unlock achievements, message friends and compare high scores! Get the most out of Samurai Ball using these features!

Samurai Ball News and Patch Notes can be found here.

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