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“Project B” name revealed and Submitted! Now “Avoid Bugs!”!


Avoid Bugs! Running on Android and iOS

The moment of truth has arrived! “Project B”, officially called “Avoid Bugs!”, has been submitted to both Google Play Store and App Store. You can expect it to be approved an arrive on Google Play first. Got to wait a little while for approval from Apple but when that happens you will be able to download it on your iOS device too! Here’s some more pics to celebrate the occasion! woooo!

Far Away Shot!


Side to Side. Oh and the Android is a Samsung Galaxy Centura, so you can expect it to run well on low end devices.


Getting Cozy


Ok Knock it off!

So there you have it! I will update the site with the new page for the game and information about it. If your new why not follow this blog? Our Facebook and twitter sites are an option too! Facebook     Twitter