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Pushing forward with Studio Tsubaki

If you haven’t noticed I’ve now been pushing our face book page and twitter page a little bit more. Our pinterest and tumblr are in question. Since I’m only one person, it’s really hard to have a focus on such a broad amount of social networks, especially when I should be in Unity developing more. So with that were going to stop adding updates for Pintrest for now. Tumblr on the other hand has a small following. So I’ll keep updating that but not as frequently as Facebook and twitter. Our old website is long an gone. In place, a nice modern looking site aim to get you guys news about my projects, straight from me. I’ll still be posting video game related trailers, news, and kickstarters every now an then but the main focus will be my content and what I have to show you. The site has a better more versatile comment system (Discus) that people create a user name and comment through tons of websites. Overall I’m very happy with how it’s turning out. There is still some kinks here an there that need to be ironed out but so far so good.   Like our facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up to date! Stay tuned for more news a long the way!