Samurai Ball and Motivate Me Aika to be pulled from Google Play

Some sad news...

As of August 1st Google is taking down any apps that are not 64bit compliant. Both my previous projects "Samurai Ball" and "Motivate Me Aika" are effected by this. 

Samurai Ball is Studio Tsubaki's (formally "Natsuko") first game released in late 2012. Players played the character Aika Mizuwari in an semi-Arkanoid like setup where the focus was to hit falling objects back into the sky. The game was far from successful but it was still an important project as it set the first milestone for what was to follow. "Motivate Me Aika" was the second project released in mid 2013, featuring once again, Aika Mizuwari. It a fun little app that has Aika verbally saying positive and sometimes funny phrases at the player.

Can they be 64bit compliant?

At the moment Samurai Ball's source project files are a bit of a mess and the latest version is difficult to find. The game was developed in a long depricated version of Unity. The leaderboard and achievement api integration, admob, as well as the UI would all need to be completely reworked among other things. Updating it would take far too much time and effort then it is probably worth.  

Motivate Me Aika project files on the other hand are managed pretty well. It's been updated a couple of times since 2013 and is using a better version of Unity. At most a UI rework is probably needed with a couple of other things. Giving it one final update wouldn't be impossible but the app will get pulled before I can probably even start to work on it.  

So that's that, we can say good bye to Samurai Ball's eight year run on Google Play. I'll look for other ways (if there isn't already) to distribute the APK publicly so that it at least doesn't get lost forever.