StudioTsu Moving Forward

I haven't updated the site in a while and we're already in 2021! In the last post, I had mentioned moving out of state. I've accomplished that struggle of breaking from being stuck in the environment I didn't want to be in and felt a great sense of success since then. I've done what most people won't. Follow my personal legend. I've secured myself with a decent job that could lead to better opportunities. I've met and am a part of a great group of local enthusiastic game developers from different paths of life. And lastly, I'm working further on my game development.

This year will be a focus on bringing my work, as well as others, forward. Through the last half of the previous year, I've put more effort into "Project Hex", a "shoot em up" targeted for PC and Console platforms. The project is still not 100% ready to show yet. I've got basic UI that updates, collision detection with proper removal of objects where needed, and other various things that are done already. I don't have a lot of art assets so the visuals are where the project is lacking the most. There's still design work to be done for certain enemies, as well as, specific path animations, and events. But overall, the core framework from which I can build a level more easily is starting to show. I'm hoping to have a playable build soon but I'll share more over the year.

Keep moving forward.