TsubakiMHSupport2 Your support will help go to the following:
  • Improving current and development of future games.
  • Web Site improvements and features.
Ways to support me:
  • Click the image above to Paypal.
  • Download and play Samurai Ball (FREE on Google Play).
  • Download and play Motivate Me Aika (FREE on Google Play).
  • Download and play Avoid Bugs! on either Google Play or App Store.
  • Spread the news of Natsuko’s games/apps and tell your friends.
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.
    • www.facebook.com/natsukodev
    • www.twitter.com/natsukodev
  • Make your own fan art of Aika, the main character from the above games, and show me on Deviant Art.
    • www.tsubakimh.deviantart.com
We greatly thank you for your support!

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