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As some of you know, Samurai Ball was my very first game project. Me an several classmates at the time wanted to work together to bring what we learned to the table and make a game. For the most part we manage to finish it by the end of 2012. Was it a success? Not even close. But I learned a lot from the project and it helped made me a better developer.


Samurai Ball version 1.1, Aika was just a red box.




From a game play perspective Samurai Ball has weird controls to it. We chose to use 3rd party asset for a on screen joystick that you use to make Aika move left and right. Aika's movement speed is very twitchy and takes some getting use to. The main purpose of the game is to hit back all the falling balls and get the highest score possible before the time runs out. This idea is a bit flawed however as there is little to no way to extend the time and the player will reach a certain point where they can't beat their own score. Despite the flawed game play and the little success, "Samurai Ball" is a series I want to continue.





Current Version 2.1, Aika is no longer a box and the balls are now 2D.



Before it continues, I want to fix the flaws of the original game. However, a simple update wont be enough. It would be better to rebuild the game from the ground up using new art assets, music, and improved game play mechanics. I have some ideas down the pipeline already on how to tackle this.

So does this mean that I'm announcing a remake of Samurai Ball? Not really. I've got other projects that take priority. But Aika Mizuwari's story is far from finished.

Want to see what I mean? Check out my first launched game "Samurai Ball" on Google Play.


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I've submitted the app over to Google today! Now it's available to download on the Google Play Store! For those that don't know, "Motivate Me Aika" is an app where you tap on Aika Mizuwari and she gives you life advice! This update enhances quality, presentation, and improvements. But what about if I have an iphone? Well no worries, It'll be coming to all iOS platforms soon! Let me know what you like and don't like about Motivate Me Aika to help make the app even better! 



Gaming General, Motivate Me Aika, Natsuko, News, StudioTsu

I've created some new icons in light of the 1.1 update I'm working on. However I need your opinions! Do you like the old design, one of the new designs, or none at all? Any tips and advice for iconography? Let me know in the comments below or click the image to the right and vote!





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So here is the official announcement "Motivate Me Aika" the "game" I have up on the google play store is getting an substantial update. The reason I have the word "game" in quotes is that I keep calling it a game when in reality it functions more like an app. Currently Aika spoke in Japanese with English subs on the bottom. You can view the time and date and here her say 20 different things when you tap her. I've gotten critiques where people complained about lack of polish subs or any other language in general. I admit my translating of Japanese to English wasn't the best ever. There for I wasn't going to go chopping translations for every language in the world.

With 1.1 expect to see improved voice over work in English and removal of subs. Voice over work will be provided by Raspdere!


She is amazingly talented and awesome person please check her out!

Next, you'll see new unlock-able phrases for Aika to say. The more you let Aika talk, the more you unlock!

I'm aiming for two things. First, for this app to be a hub to share more games made by TsubakiMH and other partnered developers. Second to port this app to on a wide variety of mobile devices. Stay tuned for more details. 


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If you haven’t noticed I’ve now been pushing our face book page and twitter page a little bit more. Our pinterest and tumblr are in question. Since I’m only one person, it’s really hard to have a focus on such a broad amount of social networks, especially when I should be in Unity developing more. So with that were going to stop adding updates for Pintrest for now. Tumblr on the other hand has a small following. So I’ll keep updating that but not as frequently as Facebook and twitter. Our old website is long an gone. In place, a nice modern looking site aim to get you guys news about my projects, straight from me. I’ll still be posting video game related trailers, news, and kickstarters every now an then but the main focus will be my content and what I have to show you. The site has a better more versatile comment system (Discus) that people create a user name and comment through tons of websites. Overall I’m very happy with how it’s turning out. There is still some kinks here an there that need to be ironed out but so far so good.   Like our facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up to date! Stay tuned for more news a long the way!

First I apologize for any lack of updates going on. I’ve had to prepare for a move to a new place and finally I can say that I’m more or less settled in. Had a period with no internet and then internet problems as well as other issues (ie Holiday rush, working in retail is not fun). I’m continuing the 1.2 update for Avoid Bugs. It’s about 80% done. I’m also gonna push a harder marketing campaign in order for it to reach more people. Big thanks for those of you playing the game and giving feedback! Avoid Bugs 1.2 will be available this month (December). -TsubakiMH