AvoidBugsmeme So I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how people react and what they do with my most recent completed project “Avoid Bugs!”. Seeing how they react gives a big smile regardless if it was something positive or negative. It’s an interesting experience and teaches me a lot about how to go about updating or developing this and other projects. Lets say I get you to play the game. I’ll never tell you what to do. I just sit there and watch. Seeing how you go about going through the menu and how you go about figuring out how to play the game is what helps understand what works in my design and what doesn’t. More importantly I want to see your reaction. Whether you smile, get frustrated, or want to throw the phone against the wall. I want to see all of it. Seeing and reading about your reactions and experiences playing my games is the biggest payoff to my work. -TsubakiMH Avoid Bugs! is available on Google Play and is under review for the apple app store. Available Here!