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Version 1.3 is out! 

Here's the list of changes!

-Fixed- There was a crash that occurred on some newer android devices.

-Removed redundant code and assets.

-Improved overall stability and performance.

-Updated "Avoid Bugs!" engine.

-Updated internal game engine.

-Updated SDK's.                                                     


-UI re-implemented.

-Updated "Connect" button links to new Studio Tsubaki networks.

-Rate Button now links to Studio Tsubaki main store hub.


-Slow item now last for 6 seconds

-Fixed bug - "slow" lost effect on bug spawn.

-Fixed bug - "slow" stayed after restarting a round.

-Fixed bug - Some UI had different size per device resolultion.

-UI re-implemented.

-Fixed bug - "New!" header doesn't appear when player gets high score.

-Text is now cleaner and sharper.

-Other minor changes

Stay tuned for more from Studio Tsubaki!


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I'm excited to hear the news that apparently "Avoid Bugs!" along with 5 other games were chosen for the semi-finals at GAME ON. Whats that? Well it's an indie game competition that's sponsored by MIA Animation LLC in partnership with IDEA CENTER at Miami Dade College. I went into this competition not really caring much about the grand prize. I just want people to play the game and give me feedback to learn, grow, and become a better developer from it. So it makes me extremely honored and happy to know that my work is that well accepted and appreciated. I will continue to look into new ways to improve the game based on any feedback that I get. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Rules and list of games/developers.


ABlogoupdate1_2 Here are the main changes expected for Avoid Bugs! version 1.2!

-Main Menu-

The background now animates an moves around. I wanted to have some form of movement to keep it from being just a stale image. I think it adds to the whole “Title Screen” feel over all. If you notice, you’ll hear a voice. There is now voice over in the game. This was provided by, voice actress, Raspdere! raspdere She did an awesome job! You’ll hear her as you collect items during game play as well. Click the image above to check out her you tube page! Other links to her social groups are below. Feel free to check her out!

-Game Play- 

All items spawning rates and speeds have been adjusted. You’ll notice items pop up on the screen faster. I slightly changed rate of certain items spawning more then others. Sometimes you may get lucky an have 3 items spawn in a short amount of time while other sessions you wont see any. These rate and speed felt good play testing it. Only 1 bug spawns at the start of the game instead of 2. I decided to make this change to further balance the initial difficulty of the game. Music and sound effects have been adjusted. I noticed as other played my game that the volume of the music was to loud. This wasn’t just because of their volume settings. By default, I had the music’s volume as loud as it can get. Since then I balanced out the music, voice, and sound effects so they are more on the norm. The circle in the center of the screen is now almost invisible an shouldn’t be in the way. Time and time again some players just love to touch the center of the screen at the start of the game and “insta” loose. The center is where the bugs spawn. If your finger touches the bug its game over. So naturally you would loose. But some people thought it was a glitch. I realize that the reason behind this phenomenon is the circle at the center of the screen looks familiar to the buttons on the menu. People instinctively thought that was a button rather than a border that warns you that its the area where they spawn. Two new items are now in the game!

“+5” Gives you an additional 5 seconds at the end of the round. “Shield” Gives you a chance against the bugs by protecting you once! Your mobile devices should now rumble when you touch a bug! I learned more that having rumble feedback can be very important in a game. This little feature is really nice and adds a lot to the game. Slow item now has a stronger effect on the bugs! Originally slow was effective but the bugs where still moving at quick speeds. I thought about freezing them in place but ultimately I didn’t think it would be fun for people to not feel enough panic when they get the item. So to balance it all out they move slower but can still inch away toward you.


Some players were seeing the wrong score on the leader board….and it was all my fault…sorry!. This issue has been fixed! An exploit discovered on certain mobile devices has been fixed…hopefully. I can’t really talk about it but it was found by a friend of mine. A slight oversight on my part but its fixed now! Special thanks to Raspdere for her work in this project! Check her out below!

Haven’t played “Avoid Bugs!”? What are you waiting for?!

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AvoidBugspromo1_2 Took me longer then it should have but I finished the update 1.2 for “Avoid Bugs!”! For those of you who don’t know, “Avoid Bugs!” is a frantically fun game you can play on the App store and Google play store for free! The update has been submitted to their respected stores. It should be available first on Google Play soon and the App store sometime afterwords. What got changed?! I’ll have the update notes up soon!

First I apologize for any lack of updates going on. I’ve had to prepare for a move to a new place and finally I can say that I’m more or less settled in. Had a period with no internet and then internet problems as well as other issues (ie Holiday rush, working in retail is not fun). I’m continuing the 1.2 update for Avoid Bugs. It’s about 80% done. I’m also gonna push a harder marketing campaign in order for it to reach more people. Big thanks for those of you playing the game and giving feedback! Avoid Bugs 1.2 will be available this month (December). -TsubakiMH

As you can see, I’ve updated the site with a slightly a new look! Originally I felt that the site was a bit convoluted with to many links going everywhere. I decided to give it a new theme with a much cleaner look. The song of the week videos are gone (I’ve barley updated them any way) and other links like recent posts have been moved. The top menu links have been reduced to just the essentials. New social buttons are on the side after the facebook and twitter box. I plan to do more updates for the site going forward but I think its pretty good so far.