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Version 1.3 is out! 

Here's the list of changes!

-Fixed- There was a crash that occurred on some newer android devices.

-Removed redundant code and assets.

-Improved overall stability and performance.

-Updated "Avoid Bugs!" engine.

-Updated internal game engine.

-Updated SDK's.                                                     


-UI re-implemented.

-Updated "Connect" button links to new Studio Tsubaki networks.

-Rate Button now links to Studio Tsubaki main store hub.


-Slow item now last for 6 seconds

-Fixed bug - "slow" lost effect on bug spawn.

-Fixed bug - "slow" stayed after restarting a round.

-Fixed bug - Some UI had different size per device resolultion.

-UI re-implemented.

-Fixed bug - "New!" header doesn't appear when player gets high score.

-Text is now cleaner and sharper.

-Other minor changes

Stay tuned for more from Studio Tsubaki!


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Project Lunch is a particular game that I guess can be considered a “plat-former” so to speak. You play as “Ryori Taiyaki“ as she fights bravely to get food from the stall at school. But what is she fighting against? These weird colored monsters known as Iro. 


Players will have to jump accordingly as monsters will try to go after them.  You can jump and grab different foods to power up as well!  This game will feature level based and endless modes as well as online leader board’s and achievements. I'm aiming to get this finished and available on mobile platforms this summer. Stay Tuned for more information!