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Version 1.3 is out! 

Here's the list of changes!

-Fixed- There was a crash that occurred on some newer android devices.

-Removed redundant code and assets.

-Improved overall stability and performance.

-Updated "Avoid Bugs!" engine.

-Updated internal game engine.

-Updated SDK's.                                                     


-UI re-implemented.

-Updated "Connect" button links to new Studio Tsubaki networks.

-Rate Button now links to Studio Tsubaki main store hub.


-Slow item now last for 6 seconds

-Fixed bug - "slow" lost effect on bug spawn.

-Fixed bug - "slow" stayed after restarting a round.

-Fixed bug - Some UI had different size per device resolultion.

-UI re-implemented.

-Fixed bug - "New!" header doesn't appear when player gets high score.

-Text is now cleaner and sharper.

-Other minor changes

Stay tuned for more from Studio Tsubaki!


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So it looks like apple finally approved my application an now for the first time ever "Motivate me Aika" is available on itunes! What is MMA? Well it's about life advice! Aika Mizuwari is out to help motivate the people around her and your included! Just tap on her and she says things! Simple right? You can download it here!

Earlier we talked about what the newest version of the game includes. Have any comments, critiques, or recommendations? Let me know on facebook, twitter, or tumblr!

As always, thanks for the support!



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Today the pokemon company announced a new game "Pokemon Go" for Nin..Smartphones! Niantic Labs is working on the project along with Nintendo. 



I feel like those that wanted an MMO Pokemon Game kind of got what they wanted. This technically can be considered MMIRL? One thing to note is that this is not Nintendo and DENA's partnership title. Also the late, Satoru Iwata was also involved with this project.

Seems like they've also announce a wearable, "Pokemon Go Plus", which adds real time vibration and led notification to the game.


This came out of nowhere and I'm excited to see Niantic Labs and Nintendo seemingly breaking the trend we've been seeing in mobile game development with their first smartphone announced game.