:UPDATE: It seems to have surpassed its goal of $900,000 in such a short amount of time! A 3DS version is also being considered. :UPDATE 2: A Video from Keji! :UPDATE 3: Console Kick starter goals accomplished! The Game is officially coming to Wii U Ps3 and 360! Outside of Wii U, the only other new gen consoles left in the stretch goal’s are PS4 and Xbox One, which stand at $3.3m.   Keiji Inafune, developer of many Capcom titles is working on his own game, Might No. 9, which is inspired by 8 and 16bit era platforming. This is being developed through his own company, Comcept with many developers who’ve worked with the Mega Man series. It looks seriously good and could come to Wii U, PS3, and 360 if it reaches its highest stretch goal.