This is a quick update here’s whats been added. The game can be downloaded here. Gameplay -Analog Stick is now a darker color and is more transparent making it less distracting. System -The game’s Icon has a cleaner look and now has the Swarm Connect badge on the bottom left to let people know the game uses Swarm. -Removal of unnecessary permissions. Known Issues -The game is set to prefer to download on, or transfer to, SD cards. However we were unable to ourselves. This could be based on the persons phone preferences. -Aika will fail to do her hit animation at times depending on the position of the analog stick. Right now we have her attack animation disabled. Were still looking into this.

-The sound when Aika hits the ball may not play the first time but will play the second time around.

-Swarm Connect has updated their SDK. Were trying to work with them to see how we can implement these improvements properly.

Thank You!