There have been a lot of things going on in my life right now. I recently moved and i’m starting college once again for my masters degree so its been hectic. I just want to say thanks for visiting the site to spam or not lol. Things are slowly getting in order so ill be posting more general gaming related news as well as updates on projects and art. Project Ghost
  • Project Ghost will continue development sometime in October when I move yet again to a new place.
Samurai Ball Update
  • This update will happen sometime in between October and November.
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Just submitted my new app, Motivate Me Aika!  Its a nice simple application for your entertainment! It technically takes place after Samurai Ball. People a mysteriously feeling down and unwilling to accomplish their goals. Since Aika likes helping people, its up to her to motivate them! That includes motivating you too! Future updates will come free of charge. I intend to further improve the app as well as add more content in the future. Download the App! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in touch! Stay tuned for more news on upcoming projects and updates right here!

Aika in Autumn By CyberB

This beautiful peace of work was done by none other then CyberB! She did 2d illustrations and voice acted for the game Samurai Ball. Seeing drawings from other artist encourages me : ) I feel like I learn so much from watching other peoples work! This artwork was done by CyberB! You want to find out more about Samurai Ball? Go here or just click the “Samurai Ball” link above! Play it free on Google Play here!