Avoid Bugs FAQ’s! 1. Whats Avoid Bugs? A. Avoid Bugs is a game available on Google Play and the App Store. Players touch the ground (not the circle on the center) to begin playing and avoid bugs. Pretty self explanatory. 2. There’s to many bugs on the screen! A. Last long enough and you’ll see a tornado. Touch it and see what happens. 3.  How do I rate your game? A. From the main menu, press the “Rate” button. Or you can rate it here and here! 4. Can this work with Google Play Games? A. Yes! You can sign in to Google play games and gain achievements and submit your score to the GP Leader-board. 5. What about Game Center? Does this game work with it? A. Game Center works just the same! Sign in with your app ID and enjoy competing scores with friends or getting achievements and ranking the leader-board! 6. Who is the anime looking girl in one of the backgrounds? A. She is Aika Mizuwari! A character from the game “Samurai Ball” and “Motivate Me Aika!”. This particular background pays homage to “Motivate Me Aika!”. Both games are playable through the Google Play Store!