What is Samurai Ball? Samurai Ball is a game you can download on the google play store! Go play it! I’ve noticed the games been updated a little, can we expect future updates? Yep! Updates are planned to further improve the game. Make sure to stay tuned! Whats with the blue bar on the top middle? That’s the bonus bar! Every time you hit a ball back up, the bar fills up. Once the bar is full, bonus balls will fall for 5 seconds. Each ball is worth 4k and only needs one hit so make sure to get as many as you can! I noticed an “X 0” on the top left corner of the screen, whats that? That’s a score multiplier. If you hit a ball without missing more then twice it will go up by 2. The score you get for every ball sent up after that will multiply based on the count of the multiplier. (ex x4 for a white ball is 4000 points vs x0 being 1000.) I noticed a log in at the beginning of the game from some company named “Swarm” whats that? Swarm is what we use as a database for leader boards and achievements! You don’t have to use it but if you’d like to get the most out of Samurai Ball, by getting your score recorded to the swarm leader boards and get achievements, feel free! Samurai Ball takes place when? When it comes to the time period of Samurai Ball, you can say its in a time of Samurai, mixed with a bit of modern. Confusing…we know. Are there any other characters in Samurai Ball? As far as the game is concerned, Aika is the only playable character. In the world of the story, there is definitely more then just her. How did Aika become a Samurai/ Mamoru? In the games story she became a Mamoru by the vote of the people living in the town. However, Aika was a Samurai even before then. She studied at a special school specifically tailored for training Samurai. Who was a Momoru before Aika? I wonder… How old is she? Shes 17, born on August 28th. Whats her measurements? TBD when possible. Whats with the egg on her head? Its a flower. How is it physically possible for balls to fall from the sky? The reasoning to this is unknown to the townspeople but, by sending the balls back up, they treat it as a method to bless the crops for the rough seasons ahead. Why are the balls falling? That’s for another game to find out. Does Aika have friends? Yes, she has 2 friends in particular. Both of which never made it to the games release but maybe we’ll see them in the future! The sword that she carries, does it have a name? Maybe. I’ve noticed that the 4th level of the game is vastly different then the others, is the volcano far away? Its not to far away but not threateningly close ether, a bit ahead of the forest. Over the coarse of the story how long does it take Aika to travel from the start. Her time spent hitting balls started around the morning. It then lasted till the night. So it was all in a days work pretty much. This game has a good amount of Japanese influence. Why is that? We love everything Japan, that’s why.

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